Accident Compensation Act No. of Authorised Version incorporating amendments as at. 27 September TABLE OF PROVISIONS. Posted in Case Pages, Decided Cases | Tagged Accident compensation, Accident Compensation Act (Vic), Adequacy of reasons. WorkSafe Victoria is the trading name of the Victorian WorkCover Authority, a statutory authority WorkSafe is regulator of a wide range of Acts of Parliament including the Accident Compensation Act ; Accident Compensation.


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Accident Compensation Act | AWU Victoria

The system is funded by Victorian employers who pay a accident compensation act 1985 of their total remuneration which provides the insurance cover. In with increases to the average premium rates in other jurisdictions, the Victoria premium became Australia's lowest at 1.

With the Victorian state budget in Maythis position was further reinforced for June to June with a further reduction to 1. The amount paid by individual employers varies accident compensation act 1985 on their personal claims performance and that of their industry - i.


Around 29, people a year make a workers compensation claim WorkSafe promotes to employers, injured workers and the people who treat them, the idea of an early accident compensation act 1985 sustainable return to work. This helps keep business and premium costs down and benefits injured workers.

Where it is not possible for a worker to return to their old workplace, WorkSafe's support program, WISE, which encourages other employers to step in and take advantage of their accident compensation act 1985.

Regulations set out mandatory requirements under the Acts and are linked to copies held at Victorian Law Today.

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The most basic of duties requires employers to provide a safe workplace for employees and people other than employees Sections 23and These include adverse publicity orders Sectionsafety improvement projects Sectionand enforceable undertakings Section The Duties of Directors and company officers Section have also been included along with accident compensation act 1985 powers to obtain information Section 9the creation of ARREOs Authorised Representatives accident compensation act 1985 Employee Associations Sectionsa duty to consult on matters affecting health and safety Sections 35 and 36 and a significant change which allow for the internal review of inspectors decisions Sections to The first issue related to any possible diminution of rights of young injured workers that may arise as a consequence of this provision.

In an obvious sense, accident compensation act 1985 provision operates to prevent a claim by an injured minor from being finalised as early as might otherwise have been possible. However, any substantive entitlement to compensation is untouched.

Once the worker has attained the age of 18 years, the assessment provisions, with their inbuilt time frames, can commence to apply.

WorkSafe Victoria - Wikipedia

While, in some cases, a procedural delay may have been built in to the system, there do not seem to be any grounds for asserting that there has been a diminution of substantive rights.

The next issue raised by the Committee is whether there may be any Limitations of Actions Act implications as a consequence of the bar on commencing actions until the worker attains the age of 18 years. Any accident compensation act 1985 actions in relation accident compensation act 1985 the claim for compensation do not need to be delayed until the worker attains the age of 18 years.

It is only the impairment assessment process, which does not involve the courts, which is delayed. In any event, the better view appears to be that the provisions of the Limitations of Actions Act do not apply in respect of proceedings for the recovery of compensation.

However, even if that accident compensation act 1985 wrong, section 23 of that Act would appear to ensure that a minor is not disadvantaged by the requirement to wait until he or she is 18 before undergoing the impairment assessment.

The Committee next asks whether claimants affected by the provision will be deprived of any accident compensation act 1985 benefits or interest otherwise available pursuant to the Accident Compensation Act While the amounts of compensation available under sections 98C and 98E are indexed, the amount which applies in any given case is the amount which applied as at the date of the relevant injury.

The Act does not provide for any payments of interest at all and, in particular for payments of interest based on the delay between the date of injury and the date of payment of the compensation. It is not believed that the provision has the effect of excluding the relevant workers from obtaining the form of compensation concerned within a reasonable period after the compensible injury.

accident compensation act 1985


Compensation under section 98C is for non-economic loss and is based on the degree of permanent impairment resulting from the injury. The compensation is not intended as income maintenance accident compensation act 1985 to be used for medical treatment or the costs of care or rehabilitation etc.

Separate forms of compensation are available to meet these needs and, in the case of income maintenance, special provisions can apply in the case of an injured worker who was either a full-time student or under the age of 21 at the date of the injury.

In addition, because accident compensation act 1985 the potentially large lump sums involved, it was also seen to be desirable to ensure that payment be delayed until the workers had obtained their majority.

It should be noted that a similar rule applies under the Transport Accident Act in respect of the equivalent form of compensation.