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This episode has made every girl wanting a caring and understanding husband like Salaar. The way he continuously overlooked her negatives, her misunderstandings, her slip on Jalal, and cuddled her like a baby.

Aab-e-Hayyat by Umera Ahmed - Episode 3 - Urdu Novels

We also get to see other side of Imama Hashim. The side that was created by staying away from family and friends for 9 long years. The side of Imama in which she has become a socially awkward person, with minimum self-confidence and an obsession with romance novels to keep her away from reality.

This side also showed aab e hayat episode 3 how vulnerable Imama has become over the past years. Taking her to other places, letting her go out on shopping and social gatherings. Aab e hayat episode 3 is what Imama really needs right now and Salaar is giving her just that.

Aab-e-Hayat - Episode 10 |

A chance for us to get to know more on Imama Hashim. I must praise Umaira Ahmed for showing that no one is perfect. Every human being is flawed and has their own demons to conquer. And also how far Imama is going aab e hayat episode 3 take her anger this time.

Comment below and let me know what you think about this episode. After leaving the office Salar feels a heavy burden regarding this dilemma and reviews his life which has been in turmoil lately.

He tries to contact Imama but is unable to do so. He goes to see Ibaka dying in the Hospital, only to return to find that aab e hayat episode 3 travel documents and laptops have been stolen from his hotel room.

Unable to comprehend this situation, he comes to realise that his phone signals have been controlled and he is secretly being stopped from contacting anyone most probably by CIA.

Aab e hayat episode 3 manages to contact his father through public phone, who tells him later that Imama and the children are not at their home at Kinshasa. Apparently they have been abducted to an unkown place.


Salar loses control at this news and feels more helpless and desperate than he did on the night he was aab e hayat episode 3 up at Margalla hills. He goes to meet Rafael first thing in the morning who tells him that the Bank is unable to help him as he has already resigned.

Kitab Dost: Aab e hayat by Umaira Ahmed episode 1 to 3 Online Reading

Meanwhile, Petris Ibaka dies in the hospital but he aab e hayat episode 3 to do make sure that the World Bank sees its end.

In the last aab e hayat episode 3 we see a man and a woman in a bar. The woman Jacky gets very attracted to the man who is not drinking alcohol and asks him to dance but he refuses. Jacky asks him if he believes in a one-night stand and he agrees. At the begining of the episode it is said that Ibaka is fighting for his life in a hospital in New York.

Later on we find out that he had an accident in Washington.


Salar who was in Washington goes to see Ibaka and comes back to his hotel. We do not get the notion that Salar travelled this much in a single day. So the question is whether he saw Ibaka in the hospital or someone else?

Did Ibaka pass the evidences of corruption to someone who can actually make a difference? Or is it all up to Salar to do something about the program? Or is it because he aab e hayat episode 3 not serving the higher purpose for which he was gifted with an extra-ordinary IQ?

I think we can safely assume that Imama and children are not in immediate danger. Imama has been somewhat useless in this whole story and has a role yet to play.