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Learn more about hiring remodeling professionals. Sketch a preliminary plan.


Even if you're not an artist, you can draw lines that indicate just where you want your new kitchen to start and stop. Be open to constructive criticism. Your architect or designer will help you decide whether it makes more sense to reuse existing space or build an addition to meet your needs. Review preliminary designs 101 home renovation guide by your designer or architect.

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  • Home Renovation 101: Step-By-Step Guide To Renovating A Home

Establish a construction budget. Renovation projects such as replacing siding, windows or insulation can help to make your home more energy efficient.

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Increase The Value Of Your Property Upgrading your home, whether it involves major projects like renovating the kitchen or more minor ones like improving 101 home renovation guide landscaping or add a fresh new coat of paint to the walls, can increase the value of your home.

This can add to your bottom line when it comes time to sell your house and make it more enjoyable to live in until then.

For example, maybe you love to cook and make the decision to do a major kitchen remodel, or perhaps you have always dreamed of adding a pool and patio area for outdoor entertaining to enjoy time with friends and family. Home renovation projects are a great way for homeowners 101 home renovation guide increase the value of their property, improve its aesthetics and beauty and enhance their lifestyles.

What color of wallpaper do you favor?

Those who want to minimize expenses can opt to do away with a contractor. However, other renovation requirements like electrical wiring and plumbing need to be entrusted to professionals.

Remodeling 101 Ideas

Meet everyone for pre-production. Before starting the project, find time to sit down with all the people involved — designer, contractor, etc. Go through the plan and work on the timeline as a team.

Find a temporary home. While the renovation is ongoing, find a temporary place to come home to. The whole renovation process can already be a huge burden. Avoid having to deal with firsthand stress like dust, noise, etc.