Why do Catholics have a different numbering of the Ten Commandments? Answer: The biblical Ten Commandments, found in Exodus –17 and. The Catholic Ten Commandments are a summary of “the conditions of a life freed from the slavery of sin” (Catechism, ). They must be understood in relation. Ten Commandments in Catholic theology. I am the LORD thy God. No other gods before me. No graven images or likenesses. Not take the LORD's name in vain. Remember the sabbath day. Honour thy father and thy mother. Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not commit adultery.


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Why Do Catholics And Protestants Have Different 10 Commandments?

The Catholic Ten Commandments are linked together to form a coherent whole. As such, they represent grave obligations. Read the main article about Catholic moralityor check our home 10 commandments catholic for more articles about the Catholic faith!

When you ask who is the antichrist todaypeople instantly start thinking of someone who is sinister and against Christ, but the word antichrist also means in place of Christ as is the case in the Bible.

When John spoke of antichrists, he was NOT referring to people who were against Christ and illustrates this well by pointing out that they were originally part of the early Church but went out on their own as did the Church of Rome. See 1 John 2: The following is just one of the many quotes from the Catholic Church that could be given that show they meet this criterion perfectly.

God is also very displeased with the changes she the Catholic Church has 10 commandments catholic to His law and doctrinal truths and also 10 commandments catholic many excellent Catholic Christians and others she has murdered over the centuries.

Note that in Bible prophecy a woman represents a Church as Christ is the bridegroom and the Church is His bride. Totally inaccurate Catholic Quote. The Catholic Church frequently calls herself the Mother Church and refers to herself as she or her in her writings, speeches and quotes.

The following verse speaks of the blood of the millions she has shed. God knows that there are still millions of wonderful Catholics ignorantly caught up in this system and in Revelation 10 commandments catholic all of what is presented here is from Catholic Church resources or has been originally written by people from the Catholic Church and is supported by thousands of history books.

But most importantly of all, it is substantiated by the Word of God, and the book of Revelation also instructs us to preach these truths to the world. So what choice do we have? Do we remain silent and be reprimanded by God 10 commandments catholic day for failing to share these truths he has revealed to us and instructed us to teach?

Or do we do the best we can to share these truths as gently, humbly and as lovingly as possible to the millions of wonderful Catholic Christians that 10 commandments catholic in the world and unaware of these things?

This then gives those that are God's true children the choice to acknowledge or ignore God's call to come out of her and find a Church that is as close as possible to God's original Church.

The Ten Commandments - Roman Catholic Church Version

In a recent address to the nations that Pope Benedict made, he caused a major uproar among many Churches as he referred to the Catholic Church as being the Mother Church and called for all the daughter Churches to come back to her. They are called the daughter Churches because they originally 10 commandments catholic from the Catholic Church, eg: Martin Luther, who had been a Catholic priest established the Lutheran 10 commandments catholic.


Unfortunately, many of these daughter Churches have ignorantly inherited various false doctrines and pagan beliefs from 10 commandments catholic Mother Church. The Church is the Bride of Christ.

Many Catholics believe that there is no idolatry in their Church and in many cases this may not be apparent in their own Church but exists worse than you could ever imagine in the Catholic system and is especially obvious in South America 10 commandments catholic in Rome.

Roman Catholic Ten Commandments

10 commandments catholic Proper discipline for children while being careful not to provoke them. For whoever does the 10 commandments catholic of my Father in heaven is my brother, and my sister, and mother.

By doing God's will, any person can become part of the universal family of Jesus. I am the Lord your God: You shall not have strange Gods before me.